Interior house design

Working in progress meshes & textures

It’s time for a little progression update from us. The environment(?) in the screenshots are based on some typical architectural elements found in most Malaysian houses (i.e. Penang island, Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur). These are some tests for lighting, materials, and meshes for the environment. Furnishing's soon to come!

The Plight

For anyone hearing about this project for the first time, The Plight is an environmentally narrative driven horror game that began as a final-year degree submission in 2015 by five KDU College University game development students, myself included.

The game puts the player in the shoes of a mysterious young man moving into a house with little-to-no clues as to why aside from the facts that the house belonged to his late grandmother and that he appears to have inherited it. Gradually the dark secret comes to light about the house and the old woman who isn’t what she appears, revealing the horrible atrocities that took place there, and the young man’s part in it.



Additionally, I can’t stress enough that we’re very new to this and any feedback on what we could be doing better is greatly appreciated. Tweet at us @CellarVault, at me personally @EshanJayatilaka or find me on Facebook if you wanna find out more or suggest a better way to do something.

Cellar Vault Games Team

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