Dear followers! Here’s our recent work on Grandma and Children makeover in The Plight.


(Ah ma)

Our beloved old grandma with mushroom permed hair design. (Refer to Figure 1.)

Our Beloved Grandma with Mushroom Hair

Figure 1 – Old Grandma; 2015 The Plight Game Demo Build

Now here is the Sneak Peek of what we were doing for her makeover! (Refer to Figure 2.1 and 2.2.)

Working in Progress

Figure 2.1 – New hairstyle.

Figure 2.2 – Working in progress

One of the Children


If you have played our The Plight 2015 Game Demo. Here is how he look like or remember by. (Refer to Figure 3.) you d-eaf?

Figure 3 – Lying down on the floor.


Sneak Peak Version of Qin. (Refer to Figure 4.)

Am I handsome? :)

Figure 4: Qin


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